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Robusta coffee plants offer every year gorgeous flowerings, which perfume remembers the jasmine with hints of lemon.The plant can endure heat, illnesses and heavy rain better than the arabic species and it has also an higher level of productivity. Compared to Arabic Coffee which is sweet, slightly acidic and has a rich aroma, Robusta Coffee is more full-bodied, more aromatic, more astringent and has a persistent bitter taste. Moreover, its caffeine content is almost double as Arabic Coffee caffeine content and it's between 2% and 4%. Arabusta, which is a cross between Arabic Coffe and Robusta Coffee, was recently derived. The biggest Robusta Coffee producers are located in the north part of South America, in South central Africa and in some Indonesian and South Asia countries. We can find a small percentage of Robusta Coffee in Brazil which is called Conillon and it consistency is generally very earthy and woody.


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There are several types of Coffea which is Coffee plant, an evergreen shrub, belonging to Rubiaceae botanical family. Arabica has the highest quality and it rapresents 59% of Coffee world production. It originates in Ethiopia and it suffers from the heat and moisture and it grows in an altitude over 900 metres or 2000-2500 metres. The higher the altitude, better will be the organoleptic qualities of roasted coffee bean. A coffee bean is the seed of the plant inside the fruit. The fruit contains two seeds wrapped in a parchment membrane, and in mucilage which is a layer of pulp. The Arabic bean is flat and stretched with a slinky furrow. Arabic is genetically a type of Coffee with 44 chromosomes. From the chemical point of view the caffeine content is between 0,9% and 1,7%.

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CaffèG costumer can require a full service to the roaster and a company modern and organised like ours can offer that. The attention is focused on the final product quality and on the yield in the cup as flavour, taste and aroma. The distribution in the most qualified Bars and Restaurants especially in Central Italy makes CaffèG one of the most successful artisanal roaster companies on the Italian market. CaffèG is a success and a decoy whose determining factors are numerous: a careful processing, a consistent quality but also a continuous launch of several by-products.

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